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SE21 is well and thriving

By now some of you will have seen the amazing sighting of the fabulous SE21 AKA Essie via my FB post. Probably what you don't know though is that photographer Akos is a friend of mine, he just didn't realise that I had played a part in her return to the wild 📷:). What an extraordinary thing!

So I now know where she is and it is the most beautiful beach and she has other young WBSE with her there too!! A whole group of them....

Akos was out photographing in the tinnie and saw the birds and noticed her. He threw a fish along the sand for her and this is the amazing image he captured as she ran for it.

Image copyright A Matter of Light, all rights reserved

He assures me that she flies beautifully and looks wonderful.

It is interesting that some of her feathers have regrown nicely especially a primary and the coverlets, a couple of the secondaries are a bit wonky but time may tell with those.

What a spectacular and strong bird our SE21 is. I knew that from the minute I received her and had to start putting her through the rigours of life here.


Now all three recently released Sea eagles are back home and seemingly doing well.

Bendo bird is with her mate and nesting - after 18 months - magnificent

Bermagui WBSE is still back with her mate but no nesting observed

SE21 is out there flying high and has survived the first tough 12 months of her life.

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