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Oracle update

Oracle has progressed to the free flight aviary, is eating well and doing 50 metre laps without issue. She has buddied up with three other birds, I would love to share the images but it has been a tough day and I am not up to any argy bargy or unkind words.I love to be honest and share what I witness, the good the bad and the ugly of being a carer, because that is how we all learn more about these magnificent creatures. Sometimes it causes grief that I couldn't cope with ATM, so PM me f you would like to see what she is doing!!


Suffice to say these birds never cease to amaze me with how they interact, of their own choice, with each other.

Oracle is very much a "baby" - (dark bill tip/plumage/attitude), a new fledgling from the current season. She is fully grown but would be very dependant on her parents ATM, less so as she nears dispersal around April/May 2019.

WBSE's and WTE's apparently often come into conflict when they nest near each other, if that is indeed what happened to her.

Her current main issues that I can see are twofold. She is not flying well enough for release but is getting better, but she certainly will not survive without the support of her parents.

We really need to know if they are being seen in that area, and it would be great to get her back when I am happier with her flying, if so. I have had wedgie parents take young back 6 weeks after seperation, and they came in one case from nowhere to be seen. Sharon Makin wasn't that amazing.? Binocular vision is an incredible thing and these guys can see formany kilometres and just suddenly appear on the horizon as Sharon and I discovered!

Basically a lot needs to fall into place for Oracle for a speedy release, and urban raptors are so much trickier to release when young. Her flying needs to improve fairly quickly and we need to know if her parents have a range around where she was found. She could have been hounded from a long way away.

If she can not get back with her parents then she will be kept until dispersal time, around April /May. IF that was the case I would try my hardest to raise funds for a satellite tracker for her and we could follow her journey as she makes her way in the world.She would have two buddies to go with, and previous tracking has shown orphaned WTE's I have raised here do well when released on dispersal.

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