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Oracle comes to Higher Ground

This lovely young Wedge-tailed eagle was discovered by Mona Vale NSW resident Ian Smith sitting on his verandah! Ian kindly supplied her with water and a sausage while Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services mobilised their rescuer Lynleigh.

The bird had been previously observed being harassed by two White-bellied sea eagles who were obviously vigorously defending their territory. Lynleigh picked her up and transported her to Taronga Zoo where she was treated and stabilised. She had multiple wounds and lots of bruising and is still healing and unable to fly. Today - December 14th - Lynleigh and Connor picked her up from Taronga and transported her down here in the pouring rain, well done guys! She has gone into the next stage of her rehab. here as we work toward completing her healing and getting her fit again for release.

She settled in beautifully and ate the whole of the wide selection of food I put in there for her on the day she arrived! The images are taken on the Vetafarm CCTV where I can see her tucked in for the night after having just had a big preen and lots of stretches.

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