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Sea Eagles in care require as much fresh seafood as I can get. The new freezer allows me to snap freeze fresh fish, but then I still need to add Vetafarm Sea Bird tablets ... multivitamin tablets containing high levels of vitamins in a formula specific for piscivorous birds. Sea Bird Tablets are designed to overcome vitamin deficiencies that may occur, especially in diets of frozen fish.

It is sometimes said that it is better to freeze the fish as freezing may destroy any parasites the fish are carrying. I routinely test all birds when they come into care for parasite burdens, and any in longer care are tested as routine every few weeks. Either way I would always keep this important point in mind.

I have discovered Casula sea food markets, about 1/4 the price for fresh fish than here in the Highlands. They have an enormous variety, and yesterday they had Long Toms that I haven't seen for ages.

I put them in the aviary with red spot whiting, taylor, leather jacket and squid and look what went first and within minutes - the cheap Long Toms! They were about 1 metre long and I had to loop them over a log - perhaps they thought it was a sea snake too as they will certainly eat them - sorry friend and amazing Sea snake girl Blanche !!!

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