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February news

Here’s a quick snapshot of recent happenings here at the HGRC - just to keep in touch.

  • Fires to the north south and east – now officially out. Extra happy days.

  • Birds– averaging one per day still.

  • Current weather conditions – raining raining raining.

  • Temperature a wonderful 15°. Happy days.

Last two that came in yesterday - Peregrine falcon and a Wedge- tailed eagle. Smallest bird in this week – juvenile Sacred kingfisher. Largest bird this week – juvenile Wedge-tailed eagle. Special thankyous overdue to 8 wonderful vet students here from the University of Sydney on extramural placements over January. The lady truckie from Gubbins who always so magnificently drives the big trucks out here that deliver tons and tons of washed River sand every few months. She is a serious legend driver and nothing is too much trouble for her.

The inmates from the Illawarra correctional centre as well as the students, Adele and Jenny who have helped to spread it out and completely refreshed the bases of every single aviary. Only about 4 tons to go Adelle Scott. Ray and his friend who delivered the care package from Sally, and thank you so much Sally. Jackie from Sydney Wildlife Mobile Care Unit who delivered the wonderful package from Anne at MediDivert. Vet Charles Carter 🙏⭐️Everyone out there who has put up with my lack of responses to comments, messages, phone calls etc. I’m trying really hard to keep up with the admin side of things but I’m just so far behind. The birds and their well-being must always come first. Thank you so very much for all your inspirational and wonderful comments that have all meant a lot to me.Thank you for your support, for caring about me, and most importantly for caring about all these wonderful birds.Rebecca - for coming back from holidays and always being willing and able!!As always it’s onwards and upwards here. One foot in front of the other, one bird at a time, stay focussed, stay happy, sleep and meditate !!!!

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