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Sea-eagle art #highergroundraptors, #sea-eagle, #rehabilitation, #wildlife, #rescue, #raptors

Well hello and welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog post and what better subject than a beautiful artwork by Nathan Ferlazzo of Marini Ferlazzo.

August appeared to be the month of the Sea Eagle!

Currently we have three in care, and being able to watch live the amazing footage of our Sydney pair so beautifully raising their two chicks thanks to the Sydney Sea Eagle Can folk, can you ever get enough - I think not!

These beautiful birds are getting some great exposure, and the more people understand, learn about and grow to love them the better we are able to protect them and nurture the environment they need to survive.

Now listed as vulnerable in NSW, every one that can be successfully rehabilitated and released is critical. Thanks to the #vetafarm CCTV and the Peter Spitzer Free Flight aviary I have come to realise just how much they love to bathe when in care, which makes sense!

The current children's wading pool just doesn't cut it, and I have been trying to raise funds to build a pool that can be maintained to the appropriate hygiene standards, and as I rely on tank water, is water wise and is easy to clean.

The brilliant Nathan Ferlazzo and the team at #mariniferlazzo have kindly and generously come on board to help me in this latest fundraising task.

They have just created a series for Bird Life Australia and Nathan has now drawn this beautiful image of a Sea-eagle to help raise funds specifically for the SE pond. These guiys do amazing work to help raise money for various conservation, animal welfare efforts, and I am really proud and honoured that they have come on board to help out here.

Nathan has produced a limited edition of only 24 of his magnificent Sea-eagle drawing on giclee paper. Each is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity,

Just look at the detail of the flowers so beautifully drawn - I love this !

They are $95 each and $25 from each sale goes to the SE pond fund.

Here is a link to their site and you can also then view all their other great stuff.

I would really appreciate if you could share this to anyone you think might be interested.

If all 24 sell I can start work on the pond, and that would be great.

Thanks so very much Nathan and all the Team at Marini Ferlazzo - your work not just to help me but world wide is so appreciated.

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